Strong, woody, a bit of floral, hint of musk


Each of our soaps are handcrafted;

Please allow for slight design variation between bars and batches.


3.5"W x 2.5"H x 7/8"D




Daily Bar - Fairy Floss

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  • Who wouldn't like a bit of bold whimsy, a bit of the fanciful, a bit of merrymaking playfulness? Here to bring a smile to any face is our one-of-a-kind ripple pattern Fairy Floss soap.


    Fairy Floss is one of our stronger aroma soaps. This bar features earthy elements of blended scents such as jasmine and clary sage. A musky base rounds out this bold fragrance combination bringing together a solidly invigorating scent pallet.

  • Olea Europaea Oil (olive oil)

    Cocos Nucifera Oil (coconut oil)

    Hydrogenated Palm Oil

    Purifed Water

    Sodium Hydroxide (lye)

    Fragrance Oil for scent