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3.5"W x 2.5"H x 7/8"D




SPRING - Meadow Sunrise

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  • What starts out as a little speck just above the horizion will very quickly turn into a burning orb that shares its warm rays throughout the day. For now, though, you may need to pull that blanket a little tighter around your shoulders as you watch the spectacular living painting unfold before your eyes.


    It's faint at first - just a little bit of a red glow quite low to the earth. Gradually, the red rises and brings along with it yellows and whites. The sky's canvas is constantly changing and revising it's brilliance. It is a sight to behold! A full circle of the sun finally crests over the landscape and illuminates the dewey green of the meadow grass that surrounds you.


    The day has begun!


    Re-live those fleeting moments with the Meadow Sunrise soap bar. The aroma of new grass blends seamlessly with florals of rose, bergamont, a hint of lilly, and a generous dash of violet. A mild touch of citrus rounds out the final notes.

  • Olea Europaea Oil (olive oil)

    Cocos Nucifera Oil (coconut oil)

    Hydrogenated Palm Oil

    Purifed Water

    Sodium Hydroxide (lye)

    Fragrance Oil for scent