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Because skin is porous and absorbent, we want to make sure that the products we use on it not only cleans and sanitizes, but also moisturizes and doesn't strip the skin of its natural oils. We use the cold-process method of soapmaking so that we can carefully control what ingredients are used and offer you a healthy soap.

What washes your hands and what leaves down your sink is both safe for you as well as non-toxic for the environment.

Cold-process soap begins as a natural saponification process between Sodium Hydroxide lye (NaOH) and a variety of oils. When the reaction is complete, all caustic qualities of the lye are ended and the soap is completely safe to handle. We do not use any chemical dyes in our products. The final coloration of soap bars is a result of utilizing lead-free pigments and micas or is a direct result of the essential oils/fragrances used in the recipe.

Results are long-lasting bars that contain simple, minimal ingredients and are nourishing and moisturizing.

Our soaps are decorated with a variety of soap stamps and cut patterns - designs such as sunflowers, honeybees, turtles, or even wavy lines. Some bars are topped with dried flowers. Others have embedded shapes accenting their look. Each one is made with personal attention and love.


Because all of our soaps are made in small batches, please allow for individual uniqueness in each bar.

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